Increase Revenues and Profits while building a Customer List with a VIP and Birthday Club for your restaurant or small business.

Our automated text marketing platform brings in customers on auto-pilot all year long.

Set up an Automated Birthday VIP Club

And send Offers & Specials to your customers whenever you want!


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Reach everyone, instantly! Introducing…..

Windy City Marketers Customer Acquisition  and Marketing Platform

Start Building a Customer List using our SMS Text Marketing Platform.

Then directly market and communicate to your Best Customers on demand!

Set up an Automated Birthday VIP Club that drives customers with upcoming birthdays to your business on auto-pilot.

Don't want to do the tech stuff yourself? We offer "Done For You" packages where we will set up everything for you. Call or email us today for more details and pricing.

Start Building a VIP Customer List Today. Profit from It Tomorrow

We Have All The Features You Need To Build a Customer List, Create Offers and Increase Sales

SMS Broadcast
Using our broadcast feature you can send out a single message to multiple contacts.
Built In CRM
A simple CRM that captures and manages every customer that has opted in for a coupon.
SMS Auto Responder
Our system automatically reminds your customers that the coupon is going to expire soon.
Local Numbers
Assign a local number to your account to increase conversion rates.
Coupon Wizard
It takes less than 5 minutes to create a new campaign using our coupon wizard.
94% Open Rate
Text Messaging has a 94% Open Rate. Start communicating Offers directly to your customers.

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A list of your best customers you can reach instantly is one of the most valuable assets a local business can own. If you don’t have one, you are losing out.

With more and more people now preferring the personal touch when it come to interacting with a business, text messaging has emerged as one of the most reliable, cost effective ways to successfully engage and communicate with your best customers on a regular basis.

Our VIP & Birthday Clubs are a great way to build a customer list.


If you said no, you are leaving $$$ on the table. Our platform allows you to capture a customer's birthday and anniversary so you can send them offers automatically when their special day approaches - all on auto-pilot! In addition, you can send out offers 3-4 times a month to all or part of your list.

VIP and Birthday Clubs managed through SMS marketing helps grow your business, reward your loyal customers, and increase offer redemptions

Build a Customer List

Boost Brand Awareness. Regular campaigns and broadcasts keep you top of mind with your best customers.

Rewards your Regulars

Increase Customer Loyalty. Send regular, automated campaigns and remind them to come back more often.

Incremental Revenue

Generate More Revenue. Track your subscriber growth and revenue generated in your own custom dashboard.

Feature Rich Platform

Powerful, Easy to Use Software. Our SMS marketing platform is cutting edge. Easy to use and stacked with amazing features you'll love.

Tiered Plans for Growth

No Contracts. No Hidden Fees. We won't tie you in to any long term contracts. Pay as you grow. Upgrade or cancel at any time. No strings!

Dedicated Partner

Always on hand. We'll be with you every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of your marketing.

Why is SMS Marketing so Effective?

of SMS messages have unbeatable open rates

of SMS messages arrive in 2 seconds of being sent

of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes

of people prefer receiving a text over an email

prefer their communications already built into the phone

SMS redemption rates over a physical voucher

Everything you need to grow your business with text messaging offers!

The biggest problem most local businesses face is the inability to quickly communicate with ALL all of their customers...

If you had to get the word out and instantly communicate with your customers, would you be able to?


Platform Benefits

We work with you to create a marketing platform for your business that helps build a list of 500-1000 of your best customers in the next 90 days or less.

Our Windy City Customer Acquisition Platform is not just for Restaurants. Explore how different industries can use our SMS text marketing platform

Permission-based marketing your customers will love.

Let us map out your entire marketing strategy for the next 90 days or beyond.

Find out if our Windy City Customer Acquisition Platform will work for your business.

Schedule your FREE discovery consultation today. Can’t wait to connect.

Multiple ways to build your list the LEGAL Way

We have multiple ways for you to quickly build your list. Our Sales and Support Teams will work with you during our 8-week onboarding to help you build your list and to make sure you are using our platform to ensure maximum value.

Text a Keyword to your VIP Club number

Have the customer Scan a QR Code on a Table Tent or Poster to automatically join your VIP Club

Use our AWESOME Landing Page Builder to quickly create opt-in pages that can be shared on Social Media sites, your websites, in emails, etc.

How It Works (Restaurant Example)

Step 1: Customer Opts In To Have a Coupon Texted To Them

Mutliple Optin Options including website widget, custom Landing Pages, QR Codes/Table Tents, or simply by texting a keyword into into our system.

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Step 2: The Coupon Code Is Delivered To A Mobile Phone

Once the customers has opted in to get the offer our system will send them a text message along with the coupon code that they redeem at the business.

coupon, code, discount

Step 3: Redeem The Coupon

The customers visits the place of business and redeems the offer by providing the coupon code.

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Step 4: Track & Measure

Our System will track and measure each campaign the business runs. Providing critical data on how much revenue the offer generated.

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